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this is stuff that is for sale. you can buy this stuff that is on this page. it is for sale.

email us for inquiries about parts for sale

we currently offer the following:

port/polish service

I have the following parts for sale:

-brand new Bosch starter for S4 TII: $120 obo

-S4 TII fuel pump

-S4 TII throttle body. the secondary throttle plates have been removed

-S4 TII ACV. never been used

-N332 ECU (S4 TII)

-N326 ECU

-3 CAS's

-stock S4 TID

-2 logicon's

-stock JDM top mount intercooler

-stock TII/S5 spoiler

-S5 rear bumper

-locked 12a dizzy with brand new cap and rotor and plug wires

-3 of the 4 S5 OMP lines

-VDO mechanical water and oil temp gauges

I dunno about prices... make offer?

I have pics... just ask and I will send them to you.

there are currently no other items for sale at this moment.

Unicorn Squad Road Boss Attack Force g machine