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Tom's work

Info on Tom's port/polish work

Some of you may know that I do port/polish work on the side. If you are interested, I can do your throttle body/intake manifold/turbo manifold/head/turbo housings/o2 housings/downpipes/intercooler inlets/etc... for a price depending on the part. Please contact me for a price.

For throttle bodies, I can do them for $75.00. This includes porting (enlargement of the interior diameter of the throttle body), polishing (smoothing of the interior surface) and knife edge (sharpen the intake lip of the throttle body to allow for quicker throttle response and quicker spoolup if you are turbo). A shop, if you can find one that does port/polish work, would charge you close to $120+ for this service. On a naturally aspirated vehicle like a n/a KA, I would expect to see 4-5 additional whp and better throttle response over stock. A more aggressive engine note can also be expected in some cases. Boosted cars, anywhere from 8-10whp and up, better throttle response, and quicker spool up times.

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I can provide references of people who have had my work done on their engine with good results.

*note. I have not done rotor housings, or heads. If you are willing to donate one for me to practice on I'll let you have the work done for free.

Throttle bodies take anywhere from 2-4 hours each. Intake manifolds, 7-8 hours and up depending on application. Heads? Looking at 12+ hours. Exhaust work depends on application, but iron pieces generally take longer due to the hardness of the material.

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