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the official unicorn squad homepage

UPDATE: we haven't updated this shit in forever... so it will be done soon.... or maybe just a new website... or probably not either.


HRD forum


the unicorn slide squad (USS) is a team of unicorn enthusiasts, who have taken up drifting and other motorsports in order to show their dedication to the unicorn.

our goal is to finish 1-2-3 in every event the team enters, and to be the best the world has ever seen. by doing this, we will show the world the might of the unicorn, and convert all non-believers.

Please visit us on Myspace. join our friends and leave us a message, or two, or more!!

or talk to us on the unicornsquad forum:

USS forum


links to cool sites:

talk to HRD on the HRD fourm! for info on any drif event that may be going on in colorado, or if you're just insterested in drifting

the speakeasy

Unicorn Squad Road Boss Attack Force g machine